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Borjomi” from region Borjomi – mineral water exported since the end of XIX Century conquest awards and medal son prestigious European, Russian, and other world wide exhibitions, and what is the most important conquest worldwide recognition. Natural mineral water Borjomi is extracted from the spring in Borjomi region of Georgia, in Georgia it is widely recognized and there is no need of advertisement. Borjomi is completely natural. Technological presses to battling of this mineral water and fully correspond to the requirements of Euro standard. The factory is equipped with the latest modern technology to bottling. Borjomi is produced in glassed battles – 0.33 L each, and in plastic pet bottles – 1 L and 0.5 l accordingly. The finished product retains its outstanding remedial and tasting attributes for one year Before the product gets on your table, our product “Borjomi” passes multiple examinations and controls. Mineral springs of region “Borjomi are well studied and they are under governmental protection – all the territory of “Borjomi region is reserved and ecologically clean. Its wholesome attributes of mineral water “Borjomi” are known from ancient times. Those are endorsed by the data, which was available from archeological excavations, which were implemented on the territories of the springs. In particular, around these springs small artificial reservoir of ancient times mainly made of bricks were found. Scientific studies and medical effects of “Borjomi” have more then two hundred years of history. First scientist were the doctors of Russian Tzarsarmy, parts of whom were residing in “Borjomi” gorge from 19th century and on the process of serious and planned study of “Borjomi” attributes and effects has begun. Already in 19th century the buttering process and exporting began to Russia, where it was called “Georgian remedy”, analogical to famous French medical water. “Borjomi” mineral water was very much liked by Russian Tzarist. Situated in “Borjomi” park which has the name Ekaterinskiy, and another Evgenevsky which is the name of the grand duke Evgeniy Mihailovich, who was very fond of “Borjomi” water frequented “Borjomi” there not far from Evgenevskiy spring, the magnificent residence of Nikolay II has his territory. Which is one of the most incredible sight seeing places of “Borjomi” city.

It is necessary to note that mineral water Borjomi is extracted precisely from these springs. In this ecological reserve using the modern technological equipment, the bottling process takes the place and is naturally carbonated. The quality f water is controlled by analytical chemical scientific research laboratory. ”Gamma” where the full chemical analysis from each sample is a finished product. These finished products pass strict control of its quality. On the bases of received conclusion each parcel of the product receives a stamp certificate of conformation. Chemists and specialized scientists are in place where the bottling process takes place in our factories. They automatically oversee and control all stages of bottling. “Borjomi” completely answers to its standards and guaranties excellent quality of its product. The best medical and table water technologically processed up to the worldwide standard recognition. As of today medical qualities of “Borjomi” are well known. This mineral water is very helpful and imperative to consume when the following health problems occur. Chronic gastritis with normal and excessive secretive functions, stomach ulcers, large colon ulcers, chronic colitis, bunion, excessive heartburn, diabetes, and obesity. Also the water serves as a helpful remedy to cardiovascular diseases and nervous system. Another aspect of this unique water is intoxication remedy of long-term medical procedures.

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