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Borjomi Waters Borjomi

Borjomi is an unique natural sodium hydrocarbonate mineral water with natural mineralization of 5,5–7,5 g/l.

Contents Mg/l
Hydrocarbons 3500–5000
Chlorides 250–500
Sodium and alkali 1200–2000
Calcium 100
Free carbonic acid, % 0,34–0,42
General mineralization 5,5–7,5

In its composition and therapeutic characteristics Borjomi is similar to French mineral water Vichy, due to which fact in the XIX century the Europeans called it accordingly - «the Caucasian Vichy».
Borjomi is suitable both for regular use and for efficient prophylactics and treatment of illnesses related to digestive system, metabolism, as well as to improve immunity. Due to its natural properties, “Borjomi” not only quenches your thirst, but also effectively compensates loss of microelements, attributing to tonus arousal.

Distinguishing itself due to mineral composition balance, Borjomi is traditionally used by many people as table-water. For instance, calcium contents in Borjomi is less than 100 mg, which is admissible for everyday use, because the risk of salt deposition arises only if calcium contents exceeds 200 mg/l.

Borjomi is extracted from 9 development wells with depth from 200 to 1500 m in the territory of Borjomi nature reserve, under temperature natural for thermal water - 38–40оС.

Numerous researches testify to the fact that the mineral composition of Borjomi has not altered since 1830, the time of investigations starting. Presently, “Borjomi” mineral water is identical to that bottled for the first time on the first factory of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich Romanov in late 19th century.

•Glass bottle of 0,33 l and 0,5 l in volume. The shelf-life of «Borjomi» in glass bottled is 2
years from bottling date.
•PET bottle of 1 l and 0,5 l in volume. The shelf-life of «Borjomi» in PET-pack is 1 year from
bottling date.

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