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Curative Effects


Numerous myths and legends are related to the curative power of water and real facts are related to Borjomi mineral water. Springs of this mineral water became famous due to their unique renovating capabilities. This was known in the times of tsarina Tamara, in the days of the Romanov’s dynasty – so it is nowadays.

Regular consumption of Borjomi improves immunity, strengthens blood vessels and the nervous system, cleanses the organism. Possessing unique therapeutic properties, this water assists in curing bronchitis, cough and even reduces probability of caries.
Borjomi also helps fighting catarrhal diseases, mitigating febrile states at high temperature. In this case it is better to drink mineral water 20–30 minutes before meals at room temperature or slightly warmed (up to 30–40оС). The water should be warmed very carefully, on boiling-water bath only and by no means to let it boil, because when boiling it loses its healing properties. It is useful to inhale warm Borjomi. For this, pour a bottle of mineral water into boiling water, cover the head with a towel and breathe the resulting “steaming” alkaline water.

In order to make away with cough or bronchitis, drink nonfat warm milk, diluted with «Borjomi» (having priory released gas) in one-to-one proportion. The temperature of the resulting drink should make 36–37оС. 

In case of gastrointestinal tract diseases accompanied with gastritis with excessive acidity, warm (25–30оС) still «Borjomi» is prescribed an hour and a half before meals. The water should be drunk in large sips 3–4 times a day, from 100 to 200 ml per one take. The course of treatment makes 3–4 weeks. In case of hypoacidity mineral water is prescribed 15–30 minutes before meals, and it should be drunk slowly.


But health is only one Borjomi gift. Mineral water’s rejuvenating influence on the organism has been known since times immemorial. The reigning beauties of the world are well-informed about it.
“To have beautiful skin,
it is necessary to drink plenty of mineral water”, says Claudia Schiffer. “Have you tried mineral baths? The effect is stunning”, Kim Basinger adds. If you regularly use Borjomi or «Springs» for washing, it is possible to solve many problems with the skin
Based on «Borjomi», you can made skin-care products at home. Several simple beauty recipes:


Skin wiping ice

Freeze Borjomi in ice frames and wipe your face daily, in the morning and in the evening. Such a massage not only refreshens the skin, but also helps preventing wrinkles, strengthening face muscles. Besides, it is also a marvellous means for fighting dilatation of pores and vascular distention.

Face sprinkling spray
Pour Borjomi into a bottle with spray cap and sprinkle your face with water mist every day. This is especially useful during heating season, because hot radiators make the air in the room very dry, therefore, skin loses moisture very intensively. If you spray your face during the day, the makeup will last longer. Besides, such spray provides skin micro-massage and moisturizes it greatly.

Nail mineral baths
Put the fingers into a holder with «Borjomi» for 10 minutes. In order to secure the effect provided by mineral water, lubricate the nails with cedar wood or firry oil after the bath.
Makeup remover
Contents: 0,5 l of «Borjomi», 2 teaspoons of marine (dietary) salt, juice of 1 lemon. Pour a portion of mineral water into a glass, stir the salt and lemon juice in it, pour back into the bottle and shake. Store in the refrigerator. Remove makeup using a cotton tampon, firstly wetted in this tonic, and then in vegetable oil. When the procedure is finished, wipe the face with this tonic. Such procedure moisturizes and nourishes skin well. The tonic dries up soring spots. Even the thinnest and the most sensitive skin becomes strong and elastic.

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